We are a non-profit organization and in Switzerland each Offer may be deductible from taxable income, as per current legal regulations. From 2016 similar deductions can reach up to 20% of the taxable income.

Each explicit offer, over CHF 50.00, is confirmed in writing.

Our accounts, financial statements and income statements are presented, discussed and endorsed by the annual Confraternity Chapter and are then submitted to the competent supervisory authority.


1 - Current administration and maintenance, donations, S. Messe celebrations, purchase of flowers and decorations by bank transfer:

Credit Suisse Lugano IBAN CH90 0483 5115 4568 8100 0


Or if you prefer an online payment:


2 - Distance adoptions in collaboration with PIME Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions, Thailand:

Credit Suisse Lugano IBAN CH36 0483 5115 4568 8100 2 Missionary works.