Let's light a votive candle to San Carlo Borromeo and ask him to help us overcome this difficult moment, to celebrate, or to renew, or to develop our faith in Christ.

In this moment of contagions from Covid-19 if you cannot go to church to light a votive lamp in S. Carlo, you can do it via the internet via this link:
https://www.pubecom.com/…/cate…/accendi-lumi-votivi.html our sacristan will physically turn it on for you.


San Carlo Borromeo fought the plague epidemic of 1576 in Milan by doing his utmost for the plague victims so much that that epidemic was called the "plague of San Carlo", and the Catholic Church indicates him among the protectors against plagues.
Even today we can identify St. Charles Borromeo as our spiritual reference to fight this modern plague which is the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.


Together we pray to St. Charles:


 Infuse, San Carlo, in our hearts,

the anxiety for charity, drives away selfishness,

shake the indifference.

Let us understand that the real reform

is the one who loves and does not hate,

that helps and does not criticize,

which does not tear down but restores.

Make us capable of commitment

for an authentic Christian life,

for justice and peace,

for the defense of the humble

and the consolation of the suffering.